For better and for worse, architecture is not like other products
How the railway ushered in an age of transformation

December 2022

Time present and time past at The Pathos of Things
Elaborate survival schemes for the wealthy show society is already fraying
The main purpose of sustainable products is to make us feel better, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing
Most likely yes, but there may be limits to the technological liquidation of everything

November 2022

Why neoclassicism defined the totalitarian age
How the little corporal used design to express his world-shaping ambition
We like to believe that emergencies call for radical, innovative design. But do they?
It’s difficult now to remember a time before people were freaking out about social media. It feels like the definitive form of freaking out in my adult…

October 2022

Our attachment to old buildings bears examining
The Internet has renewed an age-old fascination with military gear